Individual and authentic

High-quality Corporate Wear

Uniforms, a competitive advantage

In the past the recognition factor of the corporate identity concerning the uniforms was primary. These last years the significance of the corporate wear has extremely changed. Nowadays it became an essential component of the communication, internally as well as externally; fostering and strengthening the trademark through customer loyalty together with the identification and motivation of the personnel. Uniformity was yesterday; nowadays corporate wear has to be authentic. 

“For mb-design the individuality is an essential factor in the development process of the uniforms. Collections are only authentic if they correspond to the essence of the company”, says the CEO Heiner Vierke. “It goes far beyond a market-oriented design and has considerable influence, also on the acceptance of the uniforms among the personnel.” That is the reason for investing intensively thought and effort with the client into the company’s spirit and it is message before the first design has been drawn. Only this way a concept can be accurately developed.

The ambiance of a hotel, a restaurant or a cruise line plays an important role, the culture and also the climatic conditions.  The fit and the comfort of the uniforms complete it all. “Sensing wellbeing, you are friendlier, more open, radiating your satisfaction and self-confidence. “This has enormous positive influence on the guests”, emphasizes Mr. Vierke. And this is what the guests will remember.

In a personal conversation we will gladly elaborate how to benefit from corporate wear as competitive advantage.