How to reach the

perfect fit

The right fit for everyone

The issue of a perfect fit is a key requirement for satisfied employees.

The fit has various facets which have already to be considered during the developing phase.  The fall of the fabric for example is one of these facets – it should not be too narrow or too large, all should fit. Fashion trends and country-specified factors are to be considered as well. For example, in Europe the trouser-legs tend to be narrow, whereas in Asia they might not be obligatory as well narrow. Also the body-shapes and persons’ heights vary from country to country for which the collections are developed. All these facets flow in into the design and the manufacture process.

To feel comfortable is an additional issue, since when one feels well in his outfit, there is real pleasure doing the job, and the guests grab this atmosphere. In order to ensure the perfect fit, we do offer the special service of fitting for each and every employee. All outfits will be worn, checked up, and if necessary fitted by our seamstresses. This way we make sure that each and every one is 100% satisfied with the collection.