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Individual Uniforms

Enhancing perfectly the big picture

Individuality and uniforms – this sounds first like a contradiction. But our professionals at mb-design know perfectly well how to combine those two parameters in high-quality.

Of course the corporate identity of the company stands always on front, therefore our designers work with full creativity in order to detect the free leeway in it for developing individual uniforms. Furthermore it is about considering the country-specific traditions as well as the climatic conditions and cultural differences.

The hotel’s ambiance in its various areas plays the leading role. Certain patterns will be picked up, colourings will be taken on, and new accents will be set. It is most important for the personnel to identify themselves with the respective hotel, and this identification is only one of the elements of the individual uniforms.  Furthermore the type shall be fashionable without loosing its character. Every project challenges our specialist at mb-design and they just love to meet the exciting assignment!