Corporate Fashion

Athleisure-trend: more comfort, more coolness

Some trends need a bit warming-up, then the new boost takes off: athleisure for instance. This term is a mixture of “athletic” and “leisure” and had first been presented on the catwalks of Chanel. Meanwhile the sportive look had conquered our daily life and even our office. Now it has reached the corporate fashion.

Noble training trousers matched to jackets or high-heels, cool sweaters matched to noble jeans or sneakers matched to business-suits, all these combinations are naturally worn nowadays. Draw cord, hoods, and sports’ materials like neoprene are seen everywhere. It may be summarized with “Sportive style meets functionality”. This trend is seen more and more in corporate fashion. “The combination of convenience, comfort, and sportive style is especially requested in the employees’ clothing. We are thrilled with the athleisure-trend and are looking forward to the challenges of the next new sportive corporate fashion!”